Uber Drivers Sexually Assaulted Female Passengers

Uber Drivers Sexually Assaulted Female Passengers

Fourteen female Uber passengers have recently alleged that their Uber drivers sexually assaulted or harassed them. The women have written a letter to Uber’s Board of Directors demanding that their class action proceed in open court rather than in a “closed-door” arbitration that Uber requires.  The women fear that their voices will not be adequately heard by the general public if they are forced to go to arbitration. They wrote in their letter that “secret arbitration takes away a woman’s right to a trial by a jury of her peers and provides a dark alley for Uber to hide from the justice system, the media, and public scrutiny.”   

Uber Rider Contract Requires Arbitration

Uber may argue that its customer agreement requires the women’s claims to be arbitrated on an individual basis rather than tried in front of a public-court jury as a class action.  Class action lawsuits, of course, can deter corporate misbehavior, as they can expose companies that engage in mass wrongdoing to large monetary verdicts. This raises the question of whether Uber’s contractual provisions that would provide Uber with a level of secrecy override the societal benefits that can be derived from shedding light on widespread misconduct by using a public forum to resolve these sexual misconduct disputes.

Arbitration Clauses Can Prohibit Many Claims from Being Filed

Many companies avoid class actions by putting arbitration and class-waiver clauses in their standard customer agreements. But because arbitrating an individual case can cost a consumer even more money that their claim is worth, many consumers do not even file claims. The end result is that arbitration class-action-waiver clauses effectively immunize many companies from many claims.

Uber Customers May Have Valid Claims

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