Uber Passenger Claims Driver Sexually Assaulted Her

Uber Faces Sexual Assault Claim

Uber faces a sexual assault claim in a new suit made by a female passenger. The female Uber passenger recently filed a lawsuit against the rideshare company claiming that an Uber driver sexually assaulted her. The suit alleges the incident occurred in Minnesota in August 2016.

The suit alleges that Uber put its desire for corporate profits ahead of passenger safety by failing to perform adequate background checks on its drivers. The victim, the plaintiff in the case, claims that the Uber driver who sexually assaulted her has a prior criminal record involving a sex crime, which a thorough background check should have uncovered. Along with this claim, the suit makes the case that Uber does not do enough to ensure that its drivers have no criminal history and contends that Uber outsources its background checks in an effort to save time and money and to maximize corporate profits.

Assault Suit Claims False Advertising

In addition to claims of negligence regarding background checks, the suit further asserts that Uber also falsely promotes that its rideshare service is safer than traditional taxis.The woman claims that, despite the defective background checks, Uber deceives female passengers into believing that using Uber is safer than traditional taxicabs.

Do you have a claim against Uber or an Uber Driver? 

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